Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last day of 1st and 2nd!

Hooray! We survived another year - 1st and 2nd came to an end at last. I have to say, we had a really good school year. Two working parents and homework and extra curricular activities make it a little nuts most all of the time, but it is worth it to see these two grow and mature so much! I am so proud of the great students they are becoming!  We conquered reading novels and doing projects and social studies and science and addition and subtraction and fractions and even a tiny bit of multiplication and division (maybe next year this little blog can work on commas and run on sentences... nah!).  Can't wait to see what fun next school year brings, but in the mean time, HELLO SUMMER!  See ya on the flip side!

Second Grade Mass

Every year the first graders sponsor a reception after All Community Mass for the second graders. It was a little weird being a first grade parent and a second grade parent this year :) The kids all looked so sweet dressed up in their First Communion outfits, and the first grade parents did a great job at the reception! I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wish I would have, but here you go!
Brett and his friend, Jack

"1 2 3 4... I declare a thumb war"

Brett reading at mass... I didn't have a great view, but did ok around the large bald head in front!

The sweetest class of second graders I know - singing Ave Maria in Latin and English

Brett and his buddy, Max

Brett with his teacher, Mrs. Franks - we LOVE this woman!  She was the perfect teacher for Brett.  Maybe we'll get her with Kate again next year!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy 8th, Milkshake!

Brett's birthday always falls right around Memorial Day weekend, which is a blessing and a curse all at once. It is a blessing because it is usually a fun, laid back, long weekend full of birthday fun for my sweet, sarcastic, funny, inquisitive, not-so-little man, but also a curse because people tend to head out of town. This year, Brett wanted to invite a few friends over for a fire pit party and to spend the night (his first sleep over). We got lucky and the three friends he wanted to invite were in town for the weekend! Hooray! 

We started with morning prayer on Friday morning.  They call up all of the birthday kids for the WHOLE weekend, which sometimes takes a little while, but is still a fun way to recognize all of the kids.  Brett is still the only kid in the whole school with that birthday.  There was a little girl who would've been a year older than Brett whose birthday is that day.  She passed away a few years ago, but the school always says a little prayer for her that day as well.  While I did not know this little girl, and I only know of her family in passing, it seems like she had the personality to light up the room, and I see that in Brett.  I can't help but to think of Faith and her family on Brett's birthday.

After morning prayer, we brought donuts from Daylight Donuts (yay for peanut product free) and took them to Brett's class for snack that day.  The kids were wound up already, and then we gave them sugar. I'm sure his teachers love us :)

After school, we headed to Frankie's fun park with Grandma and Grandpa (Todd's parents) for mini golf and some games.  As you can see from the pictures below, it's safe to say that Brett had a GREAT birthday!  Happy 8th sweet milkshake!
Running up for his birthday pencil at morning prayer
Brett's classmates, welcoming him back with high fives
Todd and I got donuts from Daylight Donuts and brought them in for his class.  Brett LOVES it when they all sing Happy Birthday to him.
After school, we went to Frankie's for Miniature Golf and more games
Kate celebrating her hole in one!
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They even had a pirate ship - ARGH!
Celebrating 8 at hole no. 8
Boys will be boys
Grandma and Grandpa joined us too!
Brett spotted the Transformers game as soon as we walked in the door... he could not WAIT to finish playing mini golf to go checkout the game!
Concentrating hard - I'm not sure which boy enjoyed it more
Air hockey champ
Birthday cake, courtesy of Pinterest (I might have an addiction... just might)
We went to Dos Taquitos with all of the family
Blowing out the candles
Brett had 3 friends over to roast marshmallows and play outside.  One of the boys even stayed over to spend the night (first sleep over for both of them)
Kater potater was a good sport with all the boys there
S'more for me!  (That's what her shirt says!)
B and B - double trouble since preschool
B's sweet friend, Max, from school and Bridges (after school program)
This just looks like trouble...
Kate was cold... did I mention it was the end of May in NC?  It was gorgeous and 75 degrees that day :)
I love these pics of Todd and Kate
A girl and her daddy
Love this little group of friends - such sweet boys from such sweet families
Really glad it worked out over a holiday weekend :)
Mr. Fix It to the rescue

Sunday, May 18, 2014

First Holy Communion

Last but certainly not least in my long line of posts tonight, is Brett's First Holy Communion, which was this morning at mass. He was so excited and even got to bring up the gifts with a little girl that he was in preschool with. I just love our little church family, and I love that we had so many friends and family members there to celebrate with us!

Brett and our sweet friend, Caroline

Brett with his assistant, Mrs. Kirke - we just love his teachers this year!

Brett and his friend, Chris

Brett with his friend, Ryleigh - another friend since preschool Monkey Class!

Brett with Father Bill

Brett and his godmother, Aunt Erin

Brett with Aunt Dithy

Memere & Poppy

Brett and his pen pal, (great) Auntie Ann - Brett had to write to a family member that he didn't know well for school, and he chose Ann all by himself.  The two of them have kept up with it and still write letters back and forth :)

Kate picked out this cross at Michaels with me one day and painted it by herself to give to Brett for his First Communion

A cool coin from Lisa and Jeff

Love this boy!  Sweet baby P!

Brett holding a picture of himself at his baptism at 5 weeks old