Monday, March 28, 2011

3 Goggles

This same space-loving sweet boy is also a basketball-loving kid. He will sit down with Todd and watch an entire basketball game. He loves to talk about the score and which team has more or less than the other team. He cheers for the team - learning all of his antics from his daddy. He even says the players' names the same way - like "Jiiiiimmmmy BUT-LA" instead of "Jimmy Butler." It really is cute to watch him get so excited about something like a basketball game on tv. One of the things that the Marquette players have been doing more this season is the "3 Gogggles" - you know, after one of the players makes a 3-point shot. Brett, of course, has picked up on this and thinks that it's just great. Marquette Athletics even went so far as to make these "3 Goggles" to hold up during the Sweet 16 game. Too bad that they scored only TWO 3-point baskets the ENTIRE game against the Heels, one of which was by their Senior walk-on. Go figure!

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